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The Advantage Gaming Institute has established itself as a leading authority in the Mathematics of Casino Gaming. Our unique insight into to probability theory gives the Advantage Gaming Institute a three-tiered approach to all things related to Casino Gaming.

The first tier is our Mathematical Consulting Division. Our Mathematicians and Computer Programmers develop algorithms to solve the most complex of casino games. Our Mathematicians have worked with GLIs senior Mathematicians to certify multiple casino games for distribution in casinos around the world. Our applications range from determining an optimal strategy for a new game, to determining the layout of a casino floor to maximizing pedestrian traffic.

The Advantage Gaming Institutes’ second tier is the Gaming Education Division. The fundamental postulate of Advantage Gaming is: " that under the right circumstances ANY casino game can be utilized for profit." The challenge comes in knowing what those circumstances are and being able to execute the techniques when the opportunity presents itself. Our video lectures cover a multitude of techniques that when appropriately combined, results in a positive expectation in every casino game. For a full list of the games and techniques that are covered please see the Casino Gaming Education section of this site.

The Advantage Gaming Team Play Division applies the knowledge that a player gains from the Gaming Education Division of the Advantage Gaming Institute. When several players combine forces and play under centralized bankroll several benefits emerge. Players can get to the “long-term” more rapidly than an individual player can. This reduces statistical variation in a betting approach. Ultimately, the expected results and the actual results align more quickly than a single player. Most often times by a factor equal to the the number of team players.