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Almost every casino game that is offered by a casino can be utilized for monetary gain given the right set of conditions. Because of the sensitive nature of Advantage Gaming, and the Gaming Industries overwhelming efforts to criminalize and expose Advantage Gamers, restricted courses are only offered to players who have passed a full background check, and who have signed a notarized non-discloser agreement. The cost of this process is 100.00 dollars. This makes the player a member of the Advantage Gaming Intitutes Advantage Gaming Team, and allows them access to the restricted areas of this site. Prior to purchasing an open course or applying for memebership please consider the following:

Though a sound mathematical advantage exists its important to understand that the player does not win every hand they play or win on every spin of the wheel. In casino gaming a 1% advantage over the casino is a SUBSTANTIAL advantage. However, in order to realize this advantage it takes many hands and many hours of statistical variance. On average it will take 200 hours for a blackjack player to reach the equivalence point (where the Expected Value equals the Actual Results). Be aware of charlatans who guarantee instant success. The monetary swings are violent, traumatic and can often try the boundaries of ones own sanity. Fortunately, our coursework and training regiment adequately prepares a player. Many hours of study is required before a player should attempt live casino play.

In addition to the mathematical variances that will inevitably occur there are additional psychological barriers that a player must be prepared for. The ongoing “ cat and mouse game ” between players and casino personal will take a toll on the successful player. Prepared to be hassled by casino personal, possibly detained for no particular reason or even evicted from your hotel room in the middle of the night.

However, when a player can find the appropriate tension between being a winning player and appearing to be a loosing player to the casinos the rewards are great. World class dining, tickets to sold out shows and complementary suites are some of the perks that can be expected. When our techniques are mastered and applied the player can experience the life of a true Las Vegas High-Roller.