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The Advantage Gaming Institutes Team Play, gives the aspiring player the opportunity to play on a highly organized professionally managed team. Team play is different from individual play because it allows several players to play on a centralized bankroll. The bankroll is provided by the Advantage Gaming Institute and no investment is required by the player.

The benefits of team-play included getting to the long-term more quickly. This is where the players advantage is more readily achieved. Several organizing mechanisms have been implemented to ensure optimal effectiveness of players. This includes regional teams and sub-teams in or near gaming cities.

Because of the sensitive nature of team play a thorough background check is conducted on each applicant. This does require a players’ vital information, including Social-Security number and Drivers License Number. A signed and notarized Non-Discloser Agreement and double indemification contracts are also required. This information is stored on hard-copy and is never shared with third parties.

There is a one-time fee of $100.00 to cover the background check and checkout procedure cost. This cost is only incurred after an applicant is vetted. The Advantage Gaming Institutes Team Play membership includes the Advantage Blackjack Course. In addition the approved player will be issued additonal items that are invaluable to the advantage player.

To be approved for play, the player must endure a rigid checkout procedure comparable to the M.I.T. team checkout procedures. A players’ commitment to excellence and ongoing improvement is required.

When a player passes the background check and interview process, they will have access to the Advantage Gaming Institutes Team Play home page. This includes review of the teams manual, checkout procedures, compensation structure and play schedule, as well the oppurtunity to purchase additional gaming courses . These course are nominally priced, and most never exceed the cost of $20.00 USD.

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